The Gallery

Established by Michela Negrini in Lugano in 2016, [dip] specializes in contemporary art, working with a diverse array of international living artists and with the Geraldo de Barros Archive.

Michela shaped [dip] with the aim of creating a stimulating place for exploring new developments in international contemporary art, across a range of practices and media, and raising public attention on the global issues that inspire and challenge our society, such as environment, gender, education, multiculturalism. From its inception, transparent pricing, historical scholarship, and insightful market analysis are at the core of its projects and initiatives, which include exhibitions, panel discussions, workshops for adults and children.


Our Approach and Services

Presenting and promoting the Artists’ work is our priority. Nevertheless, we offer total support to our collectors from concept to installation, including additional services such as insurance, storage and transportation. We work closely with our public to support them determine their collecting strategies, and help them finalize their vision, making sure their emotional investment is also a solid financial investment. We work synergically with interior designers, architects and collectors, integrating art with design on public, private and corporate projects.

Archives and Collections

Archives are not just collections of different media: they are a vital part of our collective memory, providing us with a particular understanding of our past, and are a permanent significance for history, science and culture. As such, they are an integral part of our cultural heritage, and shall be considered to be a cultural monument. We have the skills and knowledge to fully support Archives and Collections:  to manage, organize, preserve and make accessible records created in the present and those inherited from the past, for use in the present and future.

Collectors and Family Offices

The art market has evolved, online technology platforms have made art more accessible and affordable to the public and have made available through Internet numerous pricing sources information. Nevertheless, the art market still has an underlying dynamic, lacking price transparency and having highly differentiated products.
We provide our expertise to help engaging in the right acquisition and advising on enhancing the value of each artwork, through a variety of curatorial and marketing practices.

Michela Negrini

About me

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. Aristotele

Michela Negrini (b.1979) lives and works between Milano (Italy) and Lugano (Switzerland).
After living in Paris and obtaining a Degree in Communication Sciences, in 2002 she began working in the field of Communication for Cultural Heritage. Following few months of activity, she soon realizes contemporary art is her main object of interests and decides to move to Amsterdam where she obtains with honours a Master of Arts Degree in Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image. During the same years she collaborates with ICN (Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage), UvA (University of Amsterdam), INCCA (International Network for the Conservation of Contemporary Art), at collaborative project with the Vrij Universiteit of Amsterdam and the Dutch Institute for Cultural Heritage. In 2005 she receives a phone call that would determine her future professional (and private) life and she begins a collaboration with Marina Abramovic, organizing her video archive, and later serving as assistant on several exhibitions in Italy and Brazil.

Between 2006 and 2016 she collaborates on a number of contemporary art exhibitions, Biennales, video and film productions in different countries, with internationally established artists, among which The Language of Equilibrium by Joseph Kosuth on the occasion of the Biennale di Venezia 2007, VOOM Portraits by Robert Wilson and Urban Manners 2, the first exhibition in South America on contemporary Indian art. During that time, Michela obtained and a Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph D) in Communication Sciences, her focus being to interface technical and humanistic research in the field of new technologies for communication, in the area of cultural heritage. She has collaborated on innovative communication strategies for cultural heritage institutions, learning programs and teaching, including research and publications. Since 2018 she collaborates with the Geraldo De Barros Archive. In June 2016 her third son is born, and in October Michela opens in Lugano the [dip] project: an art gallery, a stimulating platform for exploring new developments in international contemporary art. A place where meeting artists, dialoguing, promoting art and the debate around it, raising public attention on the issues that inspire and challenge our society (such as environment, gender, education, and multiculturalism). Since its inception, Michela’s work aims at broadening this dialogue. Since January 2020 exhibition and projects have been curated and presented in several places across Italy, Switzerland and Thailand.