Bangkok Art Biennale, 2018

Bangkok Art Biennale, 2018

 “Monuments of The Memory, The Golden Room”
Installation project at Wat Prayurawongsawas Waraviharn, Bangkok

Paolo Canevari participates to the first Bangkok Art Biennale with a new work, conceived at the occasion of the Biennale. The Biennale, is a very stimulating situation, as well as the venue for the installation. The temple is in itself a sacred place and inside it Paolo Canevari has created a white room, another sacred place, a sort of chapel in which are installed three works of great dimension that resemble – shape and size – to altarpieces. The three paintings are monochromes, completely covered in gold. Gold has symbolic importance in both Buddhist and Christian cultures. 

Wopart, booth, installation view

 The concept of the works is based on the importance of the symbolism inherent in the iconic material itself and in the form that becomes content without the need for images or any interpretative reference linked to a concept of narrative. With these works, Canevari tries to get directly to the soul of people, without needing explanations through descriptive images, creating a metaphysical and spiritual reading of the work. 


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