Poetic Geometry

Poetic Geometry

POETIC GEOMETRY, curated by Baba Vacaro, is a project by dpot, in collaboration with [dip] / Michela Negrini and Archive Geraldo De Barros. The installation project includes a selection of works of art and photography created in different moments of Geraldo de Barros´s career. Inside a vaulted warehouse at Via Ferrante Aporti 135, selected works of celebrated brazilian masters like Geraldo de Barros, Lina Bo Bardi and Sergio Bernardes, along with contemporary designers Claudia Moreira Salles, Fernando Prado and Marcelo Ferraz will meet an ethereal,dematerialized installation that pays tribute to Calvino´s ideas of Lightness, Quickness, Exactitude,Visibility, Multiplicity and Consistency.

Wopart, booth, installation view

The installation presents a geometric but translucent structure, where products, light, shadow and projected images coexist and overlay. The idea is to enhance and give voice to each object and, while escaping theperspective of each object itself, open the possibility of multiple visual paths that lead to plural interpretations. Such perspective has a lot in common with the thought of Geraldo de Barros (1923-­‐1998), one of the leadingexponents of Brazilian art, forerunner of concrete art, pioneer of abstract photography and also, from mid ‘50’s tolate ´80`s, an active designer of furniture, considered one of the pioneers of Brazilian Design. He brought hisinnovative experience of nonconformity and independence, which was already clear in his artistic production, to theuniverse of furniture design.


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