Talk Recorder. Conversation

Talk Recorder. Conversation

TALK RECORDER. Conversation with Benedetta Marangoni (art historian), Viviana Faschi (philosopher), Diego Morandini (artist), Gianluca Zonca (artist), Claudio Citterio (artist).
Round table and open talk at the occasion of  Claudio Citterio.LOOP RECORDER. The exhibition creates a dimension in which the public is directly involved, through four works strictly linked one to the other (Loop, Chronography, Mirror, Transparent/Equinox).
A visual cycle, which makes the observer’s presence a kind of rhythmic pattern overlying and revealing/revealed by the same exhibition.

Talk Recorder. Conversation with Benedetta Marangoni, Viviana Faschi, Diego Morandini, Gianluca Zonca, Claudio Citterio

Excerpts from the conversation will be integrated in Claudio Citterio’s book 20 18 19 98


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