Wopart, 2020 (OVR)

Wopart, 2020 (OVR)

I think it’s whimsical, including works by international artists Thukral and Tagra (india), Kawita Vatanajankur (Thailand)
and Peter Wüthrich (Switzerland), is presented online, on the occasion of the 5th edition of Wopart, the international art fair dedicated on paper. Due to the current Covid19 global situation, this edition will be Virtual only.

Wopart 2020, OVR

I think it’s whimsical
India, Switzerland, Thailand. Different social and urban contexts. Through their works, and oscillating between different contexts, these artists depicts expressions of a visual vocabulary and bring us into the whimsical world of wonderland and to unique fantasies and places. Through their different explorations, they tell us a story and we find ourselves as part of a visual poem, made of images and emotions.


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